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Rimini, the Home Town of Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini, (January 20, 1920 – October 31, 1993) was the most important Italian film director. Visit the Fellini’s Museum, it’s located within Rimini’s historic centre and is popular with both Italian public and foreign visitors alike.

Rimini Weekly Markets

Wednesday and Saturdays. Great bargains to be had.

Tours around Rimini


Urbania is famous for the “Church of the Dead”, as it is seen in National Geographic.

Croazia 2 Hours By Boat

2 Hours Fast Service by Boat. Rimini-Losinj (Croazia)
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Gothic Line 18km

Offensive of the Gothic Line. The Battle of Rimini decides the future of the Balkans and of Europe.
Italy, Aug.-Sept. 1944
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FIM MotoGP – WORLD Championship Grand Prix

G.P. Di SAN MARINO e della Riviera di Rimini.
At the Santamonica Race Circuit. Rimini
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Tavullia 24Km

The home town of 9 time world motor bike champion – Valentino Rossi.

San Leo 30Km

A medieval fortress which in 18th century was the papal top security prison. Most famous of all its inmates was Giuseppe Balsamo also known as Count Cagliostro.

Gradara 22km

A medieval town with a very old castle which has its own story to tell – legend has it that the castle was the scene of the famous and tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca, caught in each other’s arms and killed by Ganciotto, Francesca’s husband. This love story was immortalized by Dante in his DIVINE COMEDY.

Republic of San Marino 22Km

The world’s oldest repubblic and Europe’s third smallest state lies 657m above sea level with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and Adriatic coast. It is situated only 10km from Rimini. Legend has it that the founder of San Marino, a stonemason arrived from the island of Arbe in Dalmatia, climbed Mt. Titano to found a small community of Christians, persecuted for their faith by the Emperor Diocletian.
The site “San Marino: Historic Centre and Mount Titano” has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008.
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Urbino 35Km

Urbino is the jewel of Le Marche and one of the best-preserved and most beautiful hill towns in Italy at only one hour drive from Rimini. Raphael was born at Urbino, where his family’s house is a museum-shrine.
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Ravenna 60Km

Famous for Christian and Byzantine mosaics that adorn its churches and monuments (8 of which are Unesco World Heritage sites). Its mosaics described by Dante in his DIVINE COMEDY as a symphony of colour, are matched only by those of Istanbul (Lonely Planet).
Dante come to live in Ravenna until his death in 1321. Much of the Divine Comedy was written here until his death. The church of San Francesco (Chiesa di San Francesco) is home to tomb (tomba di Dante).
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