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Urbino 35Km

Urbino, una delle città più belle in Italia, a solo un’ora di auto da Rimini.

Ravenna 60Km

Famosa per i mosaici Cristiani e Bizantini che adornano le sue chiese e monumenti.

Alternative Sports

Rimini it’s really famous for kitesurfing and windsurfing.


Urbania è famosa per la “Chiesa dei Morti”.

Rimini – Past and Present – Things to do and See

Rimini – The capital of the Romagna region is located at the south tip of the Padana flat area, surrounded by hills and beautiful sandy beaches.

Paganello‬ 25 Rimini April 2015 – World Beach Ultimate Cup ‪‎Freestyle‬ Challenge ‪Frisbee







Paganello‬ 25- Rimini – Italy – 2-6 Aprile 2015 – World Beach Ultimate Cup World ‪‎Freestyle‬ Challenge ‪Frisbee‬ .


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Hi Frisbee Freestyle Lovers!

Are you ready for the Acrobatic Paganello World Freestyle Challenge 2015?

Also this year the best freestylers will arrive from all around the world, to challenge each other in a whirl of coreographies, tricks and breathtaking moves…

But… what’s Freestyle Frisbee indeed?

Between the different disc sports, it’s surely the most spectacular and creative one. Fantasy, ability, athletic skills and artistic elements melt down together to offer an original and acrobatic show, that incredibly amaze the audience. The flexibility of this sport allow to practice indoor or outdoor, alone or together. And it often turn into real shows, TV performances and entertainment activities.

Besides lots of tournaments all around the globe (included World and European Championships) there’s an international ranking, collecting all the players competing in official events. The jury is formed by other players and bases the ratings on execution, difficulty and artistic impression. Teams are usually of two athletes for Open, Mixed and Women Pairs categories and of three athletes for Co-op category.

During a show or a competition, the frisbee is thrown with lot of spin, making possible to hold it spinning on the fingernail, and then making tricks around the body, hitting it with hands and feet or rolling it along arms and back, creating a dance to the music, enriched by moves, jumps, somersaults and coordination.

And Paganello is certainly one of the most spectacular Freestyle contest in the world!

From qualifications on Friday, to semifinals on Saturday, till finals on Sunday, audience can’t take its eyes off of the magic “red carpet“, team by team, each one with its music, its style, its show…