Urbino 35Km

Urbino ist das Juwel der Marken und eine der am besten erhaltenen und schönsten Ortschaften in Italien nur eine Autostunde von Rimini.

Ravenna 60Km

Famous for Christian and Byzantine mosaics that adorn its churches and monuments.

Alternative Sports

Rimini it’s really famous for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

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Molo Street Parade 2015 Rimini. The Party of the Year !

Molo street Parade 2015 Rimini

MOLO STREET PARADE PARTY 2015 Saturday 27th of June 2015 Rimini Beach Italy

80 Famous Dj Play from 16 Boats in the Rimini Port.

WYCLEF JEAN from THE FUGEES, JUNIOR JACK (defected) and more than 80  Famous dj’s…… Stay Tuned!

The Biggest Party of the Year….. Molo Street Parade is back for the 4th consecutive year. It is the new great summer event in Rimini where fishermen and DJs get together to serve up on their ‘plates’ music & sardines: these are the main ingredients of the big musical event along the port of Rimini. From sunset to midnight, a kilometre of the port canal will become the biggest and most stunning outdoor club in Italy. The moored fishing boats will be transformed into big floating ‘consoles’ that carry deejays of international fame and a melting pot of sonic styles: from electronic to rock, pop to traditional Italian ballroom music, deep house to indie, rock to afro, passing through dubstep, chill out and much more. The music broadens its horizons and overlooks the sea while the prince of the local cuisine, the oily fish, is the protagonist on shore.

Have Fun, Stay with us ….

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Molo Street parade 2015



Molo Street parade 2015 Boy George